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Unlock Abundance & Creativity: 15-Day Transformation Workbook


From Kat

From the creator of this workbook

Artist, certified master coach, and entrepreneur, Ekaterina Popova: 

I created this 15-day experience for those who want to feel refreshed, inspired, and empowered. If you feel great, this will make you feel even better. If you feel worn out and jaded, I hope the following journey will reignite your passion and help you put on your crown again. All you need to do is show up, reflect on the daily prompt and affirmation, and pay attention to the part of your life we address each day.

I continue to lean into my community to be lifted, supported, and inspired again. This workbook and experience will address every part of being a queen. It’s not all the studio or business, but much of this journey includes working on our mindset, honoring our body, connecting with our spirit, and more. We all face challenges, setbacks, and disappointments, but when we dust ourselves off, grab a fellow queen’s hand, and decide to keep showing up, miracles happen. Join me in revealing your inner queen, and become the best version of yourself as an artist, leader, business owner, and soul. Let your life become a beautiful masterpiece and you will truly know that you can create anything and everything you desire.

May this powerful step-by-step journey transform your heart, mind, and current reality in both big and small ways.